LUSH -Lavender soap- is AHHH-Mazing!

This Serendipity soap from lush is fantastic! This soap leaves the skin feeling nourished and smelling ahh-mazing. i love using it at night before bed its sure to relax and put me right to sleep when my head hits the pillow ! I like that they actually add the lavender plant to the soap because its acts as a  exfoliator to the skin! 

Herbal relaxation

Don't leave sweet dreams to chance! Suds up with this skin-soothing French lavender and chamomile lullaby for the sweetest slumbers. You'll feel immediately relaxed gazing at its calming pale purple center and dreamy outer shell, dotted with sprigs of real lavender. Get it in a lather to luxuriate in its thick creamy suds and its soothing, herbal fragrance and you'll be drifting off to dreamland before you can say Serendipity.

  • Vegan